Mind, Body, & Spirit.

When we experience trauma and other severe life stresses we tend to spiral downward or lose sight of our purpose and sense of self. These experiences become our stories, and our identities are lost or forgotten. My passion is empowering people to separate their identity from their traumas and reclaim their lives. I help my clients with creating safe & sacred space in which to rediscover, fall in love with, and commit to their new selves.


Jessica is amazingly talented! I went to her for both Reiki and Hypnosis, and it’s helped my anxiety tremendously! I would recommend her to everyone!
— Liz
I cannot believe I waited so long to try Reiki. It was like having a spiritual massage!
— Wes
As a person who is new to the alternative therapy world, I was hesitant to try it, but Jessica was amazing and put me at ease right from the beginning. I have had sessions with Jessica in both hypnosis and Reiki, and I can say she is definitely gifted in the field of alternative therapy. She is committed to providing hypnosis sessions that are personalized for each client. She has definitely helped me focus and slow down in my life so that I am able to really take in each moment. Also, her ability to connect with my energy during a Reiki session is incredible. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back!
— Rachel
Jessica is an amazing healer! Immediately, I felt relaxed and calm. As we got deeper into the Reiki session, I felt that I had left my body. I felt like I was in a whole new level of deep relaxation. Jessica has the ability to create a safe and peaceful space for you to release what your body no longer needs. She really has a way of allowing people to feel understood and connected. I highly recommend her!!
— Amanda
Jessica is the best!! I am a huge lover of alternative therapy and have seen many reiki practitioners over time. Jessica is already one of my favorites. She has a great energy & vibe, is so friendly and easy to talk to and is skilled in reiki. I had a consultation for hypnosis and am excited to see how it will go!
— Elyse
I would like to thank Jessica for her help with meditation and hypnosis therapy to deal with my chronic eczema. She really wants to help you get results. I had 4 great sessions. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I would gladly recommend her. I look forward to my Reiki sessions to see if it will help build on what I have learned and taken away from my prior appointments. Thank you.
— Adam