A true healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.
— Maryam Hasnaa


Jessica was born and raised in East Tennessee and is proud to be part of the LGBTQ community, which helps her understand the power of living authentically. As someone raised in a small town where mental health treatment was sparse, she gained a passion for helping others reach their full potential. 

Jessica attended Tennessee Technological University where she studied Psychology in 2006,  American School of Clinical Hypnosis in 2017, where she received her National Guild of Hypnotist certification and graduated from Mind Body Institute in 2019 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has also been a USUI/Tibetan Reiki Practitioner since 2017, and uses this throughout all of her services.

Jessica can relate with her clients as she once struggled with severe anxiety and depression. After going through counseling, then later hypnosis she understands the power of healing "past wounds." She believes in alternative therapy and speaking to the subconscious mind while balancing the body's energy to "rewrite" underlying ideas, misconceptions, and beliefs, which undoubtedly creates a positive shift in one's life helping them achieve their goals.

Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world.
— Unknown