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We are resistant to change because it removes us from our current way of thinking. It feels disruptive and threatening because it asks us to question the stories that we’ve created and that we’ve held on tightly to. And it’s especially hard because these are usually stories that we created out of fear. But we have to challenge the overall belief system if we want to make a change...or else everything will stay the same. Disrupt the old story, welcome a new one in, and little by little, the change will naturally follow.
— Laura Camilleri

Wellness Program

Commit to your health and well-being today by joining Prana's wellness program. Here is how it works. Once a month you are charged $60. That comes with a 60-minute massage [valued at $75] you can use at your convenience. If you do not make it in one month your monthly massage will roll over to the next month then you would have two massages to use. They never expire even if you cancel your membership. You may cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. So you're not locked into a long-term contract. Anytime you schedule a Reiki or massage session, you will always get 20% off so come as many times as you want and enjoy these discounts. The program saves $15 to $25 per service.